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Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre

Children are the building blocks of generations. Self-esteem, freedom of speech, and respect for diverse cultures are the key developmental features to instill. We built Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre keeping these factors in mind.

Our Mission

To support the growth and success of every child. We provide children with a place where they feel comfortable recognizing and embracing their unique qualities while supporting them as modern learners with a growth mindset. We are responsive, caring, and reflective and aim to provide top-quality childcare individualistic to the needs of each child.

French at it’s Best

At Le Petit Kangaroo we believe that It’s never too early to begin learning a language: it’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime.

Le Petit Kangaroo teaches children at a very early stage of their lives basic French communication such as greetings( Hello, thank you, please) Alphabets numbers and songs.

Start early, stay long! Children who learn another language before the age of five tend to have an easier time remembering and incorporating the language in their day to day lives long term, providing a good base for elementary school second language learning.


Reggio Emilia

Play Based

Covid-19 Update

We are open for 2022/2023 with updated Covid-19 policies and guidelines. Know about our Centre’s latest news, activities, and more to ensure the best time for your child.

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Why Choose Us?

A strong foundation is crucial to support and build the scaffolding of a child’s development and learning. Therefore, our educational principles follow the same approach to nourish child development and facilitate growth on an individual level.


Safe & Healthy Environment

Our Centre is an open space where every child has access to healthy and nutritious materials.

Positive Interaction

Our educators respond to each child with the warmth and sensitivity they deserve while keeping a positive body language.

Child Encouragement

We are all about helping children express themselves effectively, whether through creative arts, stories, dancing, or talking one-on-one.

Meaningful Engagement

Our programs expose children to open-ended materials that nurture and hone their exploration skills.

Child-Initiated & Adult-Supported Experiences

We are firm believers in observing children to their capacity. This helps us create a positive learning environment according to your child’s interests.

Parental Involvement

No one knows your child better than you. Therefore, we keep you informed about your child’s progress while sharing ideas on supporting them in each learning phase.
Our Institutional

Core Values



We respect each individual and child regardless of their cultural differences.


We are accountable for our actions, decisions, and consequences.


We work for the betterment of our community, and ultimately, the universe.


We practice creativity and innovation while discovering the capabilities of children enrolled in our centre.


Our Team

We are looking for passionate personnel to join us as educators. If you possess the qualities and qualifications to work as an educator, please connect with us today.

Enroll Now

Enrolling your child at our daycare centre depends on availability. Please call to check for space or register for the waiting list.