Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in giving out information that helps you make better decisions for your child’s future.

Please read through the queries answered below, and see if it resolves yours. However, if you do not find a particular question answered, give us a call at 905-216-2024

Absolutely. Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre is a licensed and registered daycare centre. Moreover, our Centre is regularly inspected by Ministry of Education, health and fire departments as well as licensing officers for quality assurance.

We keep a calm, caring, loving, and friendly environment at our childcare centre. We believe the best way to instill positivity in children is by starting from early childhood. For that, we maintain personalized routines just like you would do for your child at home to help them adjust. A typical day for your toddler includes music, indoor and outdoor play, quiet time, and much more.

Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre selects educators based on three factors: education, qualification, and passion for working with children. As a result, our team members have the qualities required to create a fun-and-learn environment. Our educators are registered with the college of early childhood educators which requires them to have a diploma in Early Childhood Education followed by practical experiences in the field. We also conduct a thorough background check to ensure educators have clean criminal records, CPR training, and first-aid certifications.

We follow Canadian Food guidelines for a balanced menu containing all essential nutrients. However, we request parents to identify and register all food-related allergies and dietary requirements to help us remove the specific allergen from their child’s food and to follow the dietary choices of children.

Parents’ involvement is crucial to maintaining a child’s growth regimen throughout the time he/she spends in our childcare centre. Therefore, our educators inform parents about the daily progress as well as keep a monthly record and updates on performed activities. We also hold parent-educator-meetings to keep parents informed of the yearly progress. As a step further, we encourage parents to reach out to educators at any time during the year to discuss their child’s growth and development.

Toddlers and preschoolers enrolled in Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre actively participate in dance, music, outdoor fun, and French immersive activities every week.