Preschool Program

Preschool Programs to Stimulate & Encourage Child Growth

Children aged between 3 to 6 years possess the ability to examine everything. They see, hear, feel, and observe their surroundings to make better sense. Our preschool programs are designed to nurture your child’s experiences with active learning. For that, we train our skilled personnel to observe and interpret preschoolers’ interests individually and plan activities accordingly. Moreover, we especially take care to keep an environment that feels like home.

We understand that children have yet to grasp intense emotions and use them effectively to interact with others. Therefore, we help develop the sense of independence crucial for children to navigate the world better.

Besides that, we interact with families and concerned individuals to formulate a plan that encourages social skill development. These include sharing, self-assertion, managing emotions such as frustration, disappointment, and recognizing the need for a quiet time according to individual needs.

We believe that curiosity can be used in a positive manner to help children explore self-interests, surroundings, and fellow preschoolers. Together, these aspects contribute to cognitive and motor development as well as instill the love of learning in children.

Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre is all about combining self-guided learning and structured growth. Therefore, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for our preschool programs. Instead, we promote children’s academic growth with keen observation based on their interests. As a result, this helps us formulate various activities, including reading, writing, and learning phonetics

Based on your child’s inclinations, we place them individually and in groups while they work on expanding their skills in mathematics, science, music, visual arts, language, and many others.

A typical day at Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre may include:

  • Reading, writing, and basic mathematics
  • Mind-stimulating outdoor and indoor activities
  • Group activities for social skill development
  • Multi-sensory learning to develop motor skills

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Enrolling your child at our daycare centre depends on availability. Please call to check for space or register for the waiting list.