Education Program

Education Programs to Promote Children’s Academic Growth

At Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre, we incorporate the three most popular modes of early childhood education for your children. The education programs include Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Play-based Learning.

Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia involve the child creating their own education through interactions with the world. Of course, the selection is fully-supported and observed by trained personnel, but the aim is to create a prepared environment where children can learn and grow safely and securely away from home.

Our centre hires trained educators with the skills to observe each child individually and make changes to the classroom materials and curriculum based on their interests. We also take care of formulating small groups to promote active learning in a focused environment. Moreover, the child remains the central aspect of deciding what to learn and the mode of learning.

Whether blended or individually, the three educational approaches enhance cognitive growth, motor development, and academic skills in children. At the same time, children get the opportunity to indulge in positive and mind-nourishing activities while opening doors to social interactions.

Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre promotes the use of materials, individual versus group work, and creative arts, according to the requisite in the educational approaches we follow

In Play-based Learning, children have the freedom to enjoy stimulating activities revolving around learning concepts. These include basic mathematics, language skills, visual arts, and nature exploration for multisensory growth.

A typical day of our education program for children involves:

  • Individual activities based on child’s interest
  • Cognitive skills and motor development with different educational approaches
  • Fun and learning-based projects, including arts and craft
  • Group activities according to mutual interests of children regardless of cultural differences

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