Toddler Program

Toddler Programs Designed to Provide Positive Learning Experiences

Early childhood is the best age to instill positivity and foster interactive skills. At Le Petit Kangaroo Childcare Education Centre, we encourage parents to enroll children in our toddler programs to initiate positive growth in a fun and learning environment.

Our toddler programs are dedicated to children between 14 months to 3 years of age. We provide children the opportunity to interact with other children in small groups while keeping the environment safe and well-supervised. Our daycare educators are fully trained to understand, observe, and encourage children during program activities.

We believe that children learn best with fewer distractions and more fun-based activities around them. Therefore, our program focuses on nurturing care as well as education.

A typical day at our centre may include music, indoor and outdoor play, science and nature through experimentation, and word development through listening, reading, and speaking. For that, our skilled educators observe each child to understand their interests and inclinations. We also promote creative arts in toddlers and help them develop and enhance their creativity with freedom and independence.

Furthermore, we keep a healthy, nutritious environment in our centre. We do this by stocking our centre with food meant to provide nourishment and energy to children. We also expose children to materials that can facilitate their independence in daily routines. Above everything, we keep parents involved in their children’s growth and development and inform them of the day-to-day activities we introduce in our daycare centre.

As part of our toddler programs, your child can benefit from various aspects, including:

  • Active play, including outdoor and indoor activities
  • Quiet time to encourage discipline
  • Interpersonal skills, regardless of cultural differences
  • Self-regulatory skills and independent learning

Enroll Now

Enrolling your child at our daycare centre depends on availability. Please call to check for space or register for the waiting list.